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Throughout my life, I’ve always spoken up for those who don’t have a voice. For children, families, and the elderly. For those struggling to get out of poverty, and those seeking a fresh start in a new country. For child care providers, and small business owners. For victims of natural disasters in my birthplace in the Dominican Republic. 
If you ever have any questions about specific legislation, or want to share your perspective on a matter, please reach out to me. You can email me at or call me on my cell at (401) 575-3641. I’m in this role to serve the needs of my community, so let me know how I can help!
Click below to view highlights of my success while in office:
Securing social justice grants

Securing over $30k annually in grants for our community that have helped increase public safety, and supported small businesses and nonprofit organizations that serve our youth and minority communities.

Fighting to improve our education system

Securing millions in education aid to pay for additional high quality Pre-K seats and ELL programs, approving a $160M bond to fund capital improvements for Providence public schools (investing in deteriorating buildings so our students can enjoy a safer and more up-to-date learning environment), and requiring financial literacy education for all Rhode Island public high school students.

Introduced legislation to curtail racial disparities in school discipline. The new law asks superintendents to review discipline data for their school districts to decide whether there is an unequal impact on students based on race, ethnicity, or disability status, and to respond to any disparity.

Sponsoring legislation that creates a non-discriminatory clause in the Children’s Bill of Rights for all children under the care of DCYF. The law prevents any discrimination against children based on race, color, religion, ancestry, gender or other factors.

To increase access to adult education, introducing legislation that requires the state Board of Education to consider several factors, including cost, in determining which high school equivalency tests will be recognized by the state.

Advocating for marginalized communities

To help those living in poverty, increasing the minimum wage to $11.50, phasing out the automobile excise tax, and providing assistance to those unable to pay for motor vehicle fines or costs. 

For elderly residents, passing a law to cut down on elder abuse and neglect, and launching a commission to investigate nursing home regulations to ensure that our nursing homes are safe and properly supported throughout the pandemic.

For those struggling with mental health issues, sponsored new law requiring insurers to cover behavioral health counseling in the same way as primary health care.

Protecting voting rights

Passing legislation to amend the state’s emergency mail ballot procedures and make it easier to vote safely during the pandemic.

Fighting for families

Successfully fought for major reforms in the Child Care Assistance Program to assure high-quality and more affordable child care for working families by allocating $3.5 million.

Co-sponsored and passed paid sick leave to help families take care of sick relatives.

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