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Voter Information

When you vote, you choose who speaks and advocates for you at every level of government. It’s been encouraging to see historic voter turnout, both in Rhode Island and nationwide. When more people vote, our elected officials better represent our needs.

Make sure you're ready to vote this year!

1. Register and update your voter information as soon as possible. 


2. Make a plan for how you’ll vote! See below for info on the three ways you can vote this year. 


3. Vote!

Three safe and secure ways Rhode Islanders can vote this year:
From Home

Early-In Person​
  • This is a new voting option for Rhode Islanders.

  • In the 20 days leading up to Election Day, you can vote at your city or town hall during their regular business hours. 

In-person on Election Day
  • Make sure to check your assigned polling location before Election Day since some locations have changed.

  • Look up your polling locations here.

Know your rights!

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